Boot Camp

Our focus is on the practical side of your project.

Current or upcoming, new or retro-fit, we tailor our instruction to fit your needs

A few hours of Boot Camp training can save your team many days of cost, time, and the headache of trying to figure it out as you go along.

  • Overall Building Objectives
  • How the air barrier fits into your overall building plan.

  • Reasons to install an Air Barrier
  • The many building efficiency and cost saving benefits of air barrier installation.

  • Details of the Air Barrier
  • Explaining the various parts, and how the air barrier should be properly installed.

  • Tying the Box Together
  • Ways to make sure your building has the best air seal possible.

  • Air Barrier Test Protocols and Prep
  • Be certain your building can pass air barrier leakage tests, and more importantly save you money.