Why do you need an Air Barrier Boot Camp?

Air Barrier Boot Camp provides you and your team with valuable insight to get your project on track from the beginning. It is designed to quickly and effectively train your team on proper air barrier installation. Getting it right the first time saves money on costly “things” that  can come up when your air barrier does not pass inspection.

If you answer no to any or all of these questions, your team could greatly benefit from a Boot Camp:

  • Does your project team REALLY UNDERSTAND what it takes to build a complete, continuous, and unbroken air barrier?
  • Have you completed buildings and found that you have easily met the required air leakage specification?
  • Have you had a project air barrier successfully verified?
  • If your project requires a full air barrier, are the details in the final design document?
  • Are you measuring specific results in your energy retrofit projects?
  • Do you have your entire team and all subs on board with what is expected for an air barrier?